5.7 site launch tips and Cache

5.7 site launch tips and Cache

You're going to run your 5.7 installation behind the cache you know you are. It's quick. Really quick. But a couple of "gotchas" to watch for.

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5.7 site launch tips and Cache

Concrete5 5.7 sports the Core Team's best UI yet. It's lovely. A lot has changed but go back to 5.6 after working with 5.7 for a little bit and guess which system feels more alien?

That said, 5.7 is a "big unit". It has a much larger disk footprint and demands more of your web server than 5.6. Try uploading it via FTP, then mess with your CSS presets and style customisations. Agree?

That said, this also needs saying. It doesn't matter. the 5.7 caching engine is rapid - there's a good chance you'll run your 5.7 install behind caching - I bet you!


We've seen minor caching issues in 5.7.3, with things not working quite as you'd expect. For example, clearing your cache when "full page caching" is on has been unpredictable for us. We've needed to disable the cache, clear it, then re-enable it to show new content updates to logged out users.

Not massive, but it could trip you up.

For example, when launching a new site that was sat on a development domain using caching into production could easily end up with the development domain betrayed to search engines then indexed (in some cases ahead of the rightful domain - ouch). Your 301 page redirect implementation, as good as it was, counts for nothing.


As concrete5 developers we all clear the cache before moving a site anywhere. Of course we do. Just double check your 5.7 site's cache is cleared when using "Full Page Cache", and particularly when moving your site into production.

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