concrete5 PRB process

concrete5 PRB process

There are changes afoot in the concrete5 PRB process, and a new tool for pre-testing your packages

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concrete5 PRB process

concrete5 have just announced that a new PRB (Peer Review Board) process is in place. This should, in theory, allow for speedier progress of submitted add-ons and themes through the PRB and into the concrete5 marketplace.

One thing that caught our eye was a new Linter tool for validating a package prior to submission to the PRB. This is a great addition to the marketplace and something that's long overdue. You can find that tool here -, you'll need to be logged in to use it.

The linter seems strict about hidden file inclusions, more so than we've seen previously in the package auto-test processes of the PRB. If it is the same tool that now underpins the new PRB submission auto-tests, then Mac users may have to employ third party compression tools or use the command line to ensure no erroneous hidden folders and files such as the__MACOSX folder are included in their package.

Couple of other points to note:-

There's now automatic approval of submissions after a week, even if PRB members have not tested a package. It seems that anything that will get included in the marketplace on this basis will be caveated as untested, something that may not inspire buyer confidence, but our inference is that you can opt out of this - or rather keep opted in to the PRB approval process - by not checking the box that allows this to happen. 

If you were previously a PRB member, you also need to reapply to join. All membership was rescinded as part of the roll out of this new process, with four new administrators appointed to manage the PRB and memberships.

You can say what you like about that, but it's already happened. If you want to get back into the PRB there's a google spreadsheet form you'll need to fill into make your application.

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