Fundamental concrete5 5.7 Theme Takes a Huge Leap into the Future

Fundamental concrete5 5.7 Theme Takes a Huge Leap into the Future

From humble beginnings to a best seller, Fundamental one of our mobile-friendly concrete5 themes has just received its biggest update yet. There are new blocks, updated functionality and most exciting of all, multiple starting points. Not so humble now ;)

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Fundamental concrete5 5.7 Theme Takes a Huge Leap into the Future

It was almost a year ago amidst a lot of uncertainty and controversy surrounding the future of concrete5 and its community that we decided after much discussion and consideration to bite the bullet and transfer all of our development time over to 5.7. Back then 5.7 was pretty much an untried and untested piece of software, so putting all of our eggs into one basket was a huge risk by any measure. But we were excited and were looking to the future.

Back in the present day, and concrete5 5.7 appears to have navigated many of the bumps in the road and is now starting to flourish with flying colors. With the next stable release ( now available we are confident it will continue to do so. In parallel to the development we have seen with 5.7 we too have been in active development on some of our very own compatible products. In more recent times, undoubtedly a lot of our emphasis and focus has been on what has quickly become our best selling and flagship theme, Fundamental.

Fundamental was born out of a dream to allow anyone, anywhere, no matter of their technical ability and knowledge, the opportunity to build a modern, mobile-friendly, beautiful and feature rich website that they would be proud of and be able to take real ownership over. We wanted it to be inherently easy to use but exceptionally powerful under the hood. It needed to be quick to set up but at the same time highly extensible. The real dream was for no limitations, the reality is, we are now several steps closer.

If you are not already familiar with this theme, then let me introduce you to some of its key features and functionality.

Starting Points

Not only does Fundamental - with the touch of your mouse - allow you to install sample content to quickly get you started; like no other theme, Fundamental offers you a selection of multiple starting points giving you the most comprehensive choice of site design and layout in the concrete5 marketplace today. With further starting points in development and with continued support from our customers, we really believe we can push concrete5 to a completely new level.


With the recent announcement from Google that mobile-friendly websites will be favoured in search results over comparable non mobile-friendly competitors, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are running a responsive site. Each of Fundamental’s starting points, layouts and bundled blocks are built to satisfy Google’s mobile-friendly requirements so you can rest assured that you are achieving your optimal search ranking straight out of the box. Panic over!

Highly Customizable

We recognised early on that brand consistency is a major factor in how potential customers and users perceive you both online and off. It was with this in mind that we embarked on creating a suite of customizable options native to our theme that would offer maximum flexibility with minimum effort. You can match your brands colours perfectly with intuitive color pickers or resize layouts, areas and fonts all to suit your requirements. For those with less time or inclination, simply choose from one of the 9 predefined style sets (presets) and you will instantly transform your site to make it your own.

Design Without Code

It is totally reasonable that you may wish to build your very own custom website and should be acceptable that to do so, you never have to write a single line of code. We follow this mantra and have created several dashboard theme option pages to facilitate just that. You no longer have to scour through endless lines of code to make changes you don’t even understand or feel comfortable doing; simply select and change the various options using easy to follow and human friendly interactions, such as checkboxes, and save yourself all the pain and time. Big win.

Custom Blocks

For a simple site build, the core concrete5 blocks are often enough to get the job done. For anything more you are going to be locating and searching through the concrete5 marketplace, usually at a cost both to your time and bank balance. In an attempt to make Fundamental truly a complete website in a package we have, at no additional cost to our customers, developed our very own collection of custom blocks to be used alongside the theme. These blocks vary greatly in nature from simple buttons to complete call to action solutions and with more in development all the time, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with one, albeit, incredible theme.

Hopefully with the recent release of along with our own and other developers desire to build and maintain powerful fully fledged themes and add-ons this will only further help to cement concrete5 as the go to CMS for developers and website administrators alike. The future is positive.

Fundamental is available now via the concrete5 marketplace.

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