Sell Your Digital Files Online With Fileatize

Sell Your Digital Files Online With Fileatize

‘Create once, sell many’ - an excellent business model if done correctly.

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Sell Your Digital Files Online With Fileatize

Selling digital files online can be a most lucrative business, with no ongoing manufacturing, delivery or warehouse costs, overheads can be kept to a bare minimum - In today’s precarious economic client, this is a must for any business hoping to keep their head above water.

If like most of us, you are looking to augment your current revenue streams online - then selling digital files can be an excellent opportunity with exponential profit margins a real possibility.

Create once, sell many - an excellent business model if done correctly.

To get started, all you need is something to sell, someone to sell it to and somewhere to sell it. Fileatize will do the rest. So, what is it and how does it work…

Fileatize is a web service which creates a ‘Buy Now’ link that you can either embed directly on your own website or share via your social media channels; your customers will click this link, to instantly purchase your digital products via PayPal. No fuss. The digital files are hosted online by you with the download coming via Fileatize so the file location on the server is never exposed to the customer.

The real kicker is that there is no set-up fee or sign-up required - simply fill in the online form here and you are selling! Once you start selling your files, there is a nominal flat rate of 5% per transaction that is automatically paid to Fileatize via PayPal. There is absolutely no fee if you do not sell anything with the unreserved right to stop selling your files at any given point. Afterall you own and host the files, so you can do as you please.

To find out more about the Fileatize service, take a look at the site here

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