Why You Should Consider Building Your Next Project Responsively

Why You Should Consider Building Your Next Project Responsively

‘Responsive’ is a real buzz word in the web development world right now. Unlike the many short lived fads and trends that often frequent the world wide web, this one looks set to stay. For good reason

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Why You Should Consider Building Your Next Project Responsively

So, what is this magical ‘responsive’ goodness and what does it mean for your next project; just a couple of questions we are going to ponder in this post.

Straight to the point. A responsive website is one which is built to adapt to the device it is being viewed on in order to offer the visitor the most pleasant and user friendly experience possible. Usually this is achieved using CSS media queries along with other specific coding techniques. The result is one site which caters for all devices.

There are plenty of responsive ‘best practices’ emerging daily on the web, along with a host of different open source frameworks to help with your foray in to the world of ‘One Site to Rule Them All’. There is no better time than the present to just dive in and get started.

Building responsively negates the need for a separate ‘mobile’ site and thus should improve your workflow and even save your customer some money. Maintaining the content on a responsive website should be a breeze too, compared with making sure a separate mobile site is always in sync. Avoids the chance of inconsistencies across multiple sites.

Having said all that - do users actually use the web on smart-phones and tablets? Simply, yes. In fact, they may even equate to the majority of your daily visits; if not, then this will almost certainly be the case in the future. It would be a misguided oversight to neglect mobile visitors. Do so at your own peril as this could potentially have a major impact on your perception amongst potential customers and service users.

Responsive web design has progressed at such a rapid rate since its inception, that having a responsive website no longer gives you the edge over your competition but rather brings you inline with what is quickly becoming standard in today’s competitive world.

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