About c5Hub

c5Hub is about helping you get as much as possible out of this great CMS - whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro.

About c5Hub

We love concrete5!

We think concrete5 ticks all the boxes. It's intuitive for site administrators, easy to theme for web designers and, powerful and flexible for application developers.

c5Hub is a place to learn, a community, and resource library - all rolled into one. And it's totally free to sign up.

We've split the content on c5Hub into four logical sections: Learning, Community, Resources and Store. All four sections are searchable so you can find what you need as quickly as possible. To access everything you'll need to be a registered user, but like we said, it's totally free!


In Learning you'll find text and video tutorials covering all aspects of concrete5 administration, theming and development. We traffic light the content so you see what experience level the tutorial is aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


In Community you can catch up with our latest blog posts and contribute your knowledge in the discussion forum (coming soon).


Our Resources section serves up file downloads and code snippets which are yours to use in your own concrete5 projects.


The Store section includes details and links to concrete5 themes and add-ons we've developed which are available in the concrete5.org marketplace. If you're in the market for this sort of stuff why not check it out.

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How it all stacks up


Learning resources for concrete5 Developers & Administrators


Users in our rapidly growing concrete5 community


Downloads & code snippets for you to utilize


Themes & Add-ons to extend your concrete5 website