Creating and Submitting a Sitemap to Google for a concrete5 Website

Creating and Submitting a Sitemap to Google for a concrete5 Website

You have launched a concrete5 website, now you want people to be able to find you online. To speed up this process it is advisable to submit a sitemap to Google so they can index your website.

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Creating and Submitting a Sitemap to Google for a concrete5 Website

What is a sitemap

A sitemap is normally a text based file in a XML format that effectively 'maps' all of the pages on your concrete5 'site'. This file can then be submitted to search engines such as Google so they can find and index your pages without relying on hyperlinks from other web sites and pages. This speeds up the process and makes sure no pages are missed in the process.

Creating a Sitemap on your concrete5 Website

In some case, designers and developers are left to manually create a sitemap which can be time consuming and tedious. If you are using concrete5 however, you are in luck - there is an automated job built in that creates the sitemap for you.

Before creating your first sitemap ensure that you have created some pages on your site and that they have not been 'Excluded From Sitemap' via a page attribute. It is also advisable that you only create the sitemap once you website is live on your domain. After all, you do not wont Google to index your website from a test domain.

To create your sitemap.xml file:

  1. Log in to your concrete5 website
  2. From the Dashboard go to System & Settings
  3. Under Optimization, select Automated Jobs
  4. Next to Generate the sitemap.xml file click Run
  5. A sitemap.xml file will now be written to

Once the file has been created you can actually view it in your browser by appending /sitemap.xml to the end of your domain.

Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

There are of course other search engines but for the purpose of this tutorial we are going to look at submitting the sitemap to Google.

If you do not have one already then you will need to sign up for a free Google account. Once you have an account you will need to access the Search Console via Webmaster Tools.

Submitting your Sitemap from Search Console. This guide assumes that you have not already added your website to Webmaster tools.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account and have accessed the Search Console
  2. Click Add Property from the top on the right hand side
  3. Enter your websites domain name and click Add
  4. You will now need to verfy ownership of the website
  5. Under Alternative Methods select HTML Tag
  6. Copy the tag to your clipboard
  7. Navigate to the homepage of your website and paste this tag in to the Header Extra Content attribute
  8. Make sure you have Saved and Published the page
  9. In the Search Console click Verify
  10. You should now see that you have verified your site so you can now add the sitemap
  11. Next you need to select Sitemaps under the Current Status section
  12. Click Add Sitemap
  13. Enter the file name sitemap.xml
  14. Click Submit
Once your sitemap has been submitted to Google, you can check the status from the Search Console.

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