Back to Top Block

Back to Top Block

A simple concrete5 block that adds a 'Back to Top' link to your concrete5 website

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Back to Top Block

Are your website pages becoming a little long and hard to navigate? Don't worry.

Install this light-weight, easy to use, free block to your concrete5 website and you will be able to add a link to your pages which will quickly and elegantly transport your users back to the top of the page and back in to the thick of the action.

There are several options that you can configure with the block's editing interface; Link Text, Link Alignment and also if you would like the link to be 'sticky'. When the 'sticky' link option is enabled, this will place the 'Back to Top' link absolutely positioned at the bottom of the screen when you begin to scroll down the page. If left 'unchecked' then the link will simply appear where you placed it on the page. The choice really is yours.

c5Hub Back to Top Block Edit Screen
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