Frame is a simple, elegant new theme for concrete5. Based on Foundation 6 it offers a contemporary look and feel right out of the box.

Theme by Andy / / Comments / Difficulty 

Frame is mobile friendly delivering a fabulous mobile browsing experience.

Frame includes 6 page templates which, when combined with concrete5's layout tool, provides for almost infinite design choice.

Frame is so so simple to use - we provide 2 additional blocks - concrete5 core blocks will do most, if not all, of what you need.


  • Built on Foundation 6 framework, the codebase of which is half the size of Foundation 5!
  • Includes 6 page templates
  • 'frame button' block
  • 'frame projects' block
  • 13 custom block templates (autonav (2), faq (1), feature (2), file (1), form (1), next previous (1), page attribute display (1), page list (1), rss displayer (1) and social links (2))
  • Includes 2 different types of sample content you can use at installation (Classic, Agency)

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