Heart concrete5

Responsive Heart concrete5 theme from Formigo. Using concrete5? Shout about it!!

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Heart concrete5

What better way to say "I'm using concrete5 - I love concrete5", than with "Heart concrete5" theme? Now people can see your website is not only powered by concrete5 but it's design is dependent on concrete5

Fully Responsive Layouts

Layouts that automatically adapt to the devices of your users. Optimized for iPads & iPhones

Multiple Page Types

For added flexibilty, there are several additional page types included to use throughout your site

Color Customizable

Change the colors to match your companies brand or preference using the built in customizer tool

Premium Blocks Included

4 premium blocks included with the theme to help you build a complete website quickly and efficiently

  • Heart concrete5 - Desktop
  • Heart concrete5 - Tablet
  • Heart concrete5 - Mobile

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